Martin’s Strengths

I have consistently achieved highly throughout my academic and work experience, and I will always go the extra mile in order to reach my full potential, whatever the task may be.

I am a diligent worker with excellent attention to detail – I recognise that maintaining quality and organisation delivers consistent, superior results with greater efficiency when compared to focussing on speed alone.

I pick up new concepts easily, which allows me to adapt to new roles very quickly, or to help introduce something new to an existing role. I am able to do this without assistance if none is available, which often helps when resources are tight, although given the choice I find it is always best to ask questions to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation.

I strive to solve problems instead of working around them, and I am at my most pro-active and productive when faced with a challenge.  I find that I enjoy jobs more when I take an interest beyond my basic duties, which allows me to shoulder extra responsibilities, which in turn further increases my enjoyment of the job.

I consistently analyse my approach to a task and remain aware of alternative approaches, which allows me to grow and stay at the top of my game.

I am an approachable person and I build excellent relationships with those around me.  This rapport makes teamwork smoother and also allows me to help others and have honest discussions about any potential difficulties associated with a task.

I regularly take charge of a situation where leadership is required and I work well in this role, while retaining respect for all colleagues.

I am capable of keeping my same high standard of work under stressful conditions.  By remaining objective, prioritising urgent tasks and if necessary working extra hours I am able to deliver results regardless of tight time limits, outside scrutiny or other pressures.