Smith DT, Hosken DJ, Rostant WG, Yeo M, Griffin RM, Bretman A, Price TAR, ffrench-Constant RH & Wedell N. 2011. DDT resistance, epistasis and male fitness in flies. J Evol Biol 24, 1351-1362.

This experiment involved an intense two week period of mating trials.  I helped with this at short notice.  The work involved transferring single male flies into vials containing females, then observing how long it took for mating to begin, and how long it lasted, then removing the males after mating had finished.  These females had already mated, and by measuring time to mating we could assess the effect of the previous male’s ejaculate on female receptivity


Sharma MD. 2010. Sexual selection in Drosophila simulans. PhD Thesis. UK: University of Exeter.

The majority of my lab volunteering was spent helping with this thesis.  Tasks included making food vials, washing old food vials, transferring and collecting flies, running longevity assays, assisting with data analysis and generally keeping things organised.  I and another undergraduate were put in charge of maintaining reproductive lines of flies in sexual and non-sexual selection environments (i.e. multiple or single males)

Smith DT. 2010. Sex peptide evolution and the impact of selfish genetic elements. PhD Thesis. UK: University of Exeter.

I assisted with mating trials (see above authorship) and transferred flies to new food vials

Cook HF, Cutting RL & Valsami-Jones E. 2017. Flooding with constraints: water meadow irrigation impacts on temperature, oxygen, phosphorus and sediment in water returned to a river. J. Flood Risk Manage 10, 463-473.

I recorded various data that were being collected from water channels in Wiltshire water meadows